Raymond Wong at Input (one of my favourite sites lately!):

Fitness+ workouts and Time to Walk all tie neatly into this habit-building. A person like me, who already took daily walks to decompress and exercise my body and mind, will get very little out of Time to Walk since walking and firing up a podcast or music is already a routine. But for a large population who may find themselves sedentary, whether because of work or school or whatever, Time to Walk may be enough of a small push to start them down the road of self-improvement.

This article resonated with me, as I’ve been looking for ways to simplify life while still enjoying technology and having fun playing with it, as it’s something I really do enjoy using.

Some of my favourite apps lately have been apps designed to help me enjoy things that are not technology. Like the Make Time app, which is designed to help you choose one thing you want to make time for each day, and blocks time off so that you can actually get it done.

Designer, writer, and illustrator from Vancouver. → garycolwell.net

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